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if Kyungsoo was a figment of Jongin’s imagination 


This gif made me cry.

Not because it’s Kyungsoo having a breakdown.

But because it’s Kyungsoo having a breakdown.

In the final scene of anterograde tomorrow, Kyungsoo, who has anterograde amnesia reads Jongin’s book about him, sees that it was written for him on the final page and has a break down.

There is even the post it notes on his walls to prove it

fail rock paper scissors


"I’ll remember all of our yesterdays…and you can remember all of our tomorrows"


Dylan Reyes


there is no land between the sky and the sea
there is only a place where shadow sleeps

Chanhun moments~

Give me Ten!

Takuya’s feelings after receiving the presents from Julian


↳ EXO ≈ In different languages

on the edge by (Atle Rønningen)